Turkey: Training on integration of renewables for experts

by ELIA GRID INTERNATIONAL and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Turkey

In November 2016 a 3 day workshop was held by Elia Grid International and GIZ in Ankara, Turkey. The workshop covered a wide scope of topics with respect to the key challenges of renewables for system integration, operation and planning for transmission and distribution grids. Approximately 10 staff members from planning and the dispatch center from TEIAS and 5 staff members from various distribution system operators (DSOs) were present in the workshop.

Based on the feedback of the participants, the workshop was tuned to provide practical answers on key current questions regarding the achievable renewable energy sources (RES) penetration levels for the Turkish power system. Furthermore suggestions on practical adaptations of current practices that can be implemented immediately were made.

In the workshop Elia Group shared valuable information covering the short-term as well as the long term aspects of renewables integration and how to overcome challenges in this respect. They defined the benefits and risks of different approaches to determine the maximum connectable RES capacity. Elia Group then focused its workshop further on the methodological aspects affecting grid operation, starting by the assessment of how to implement the market and generation dispatch methodologies.

As RES integration implies an expansion of balancing reserve consisting of conventional power plants Elia Group outlined several alternative methods for system development. Here an analysis was made on the renewables forecasting and its impact on operation and planning. Additionally the potential of trans-border interconnections, demand response and storage were discussed. However a reform of the current market design was made clear to create incentives for an adequate use of such alternative balancing options.

Through interactions during the workshop and discussions during the week-long visit in Ankara, the short-term challenges for the transmission system operator (TSO), as well as the challenges in meeting and extending beyond the 2023 renewables target became clearly visible for the workshop participants. For the immediate challenge of hosting RES capacity in distribution networks, practical suggestions on balancing capability optimization were elaborated. Elia Groups valuable information and guidance for the future was well received and marked a significant contribution to the integration of RES in the Turkish grid.

Picture: Impressions from the workshop, © GIZ