IRENEC 2017 Istanbul International Irenec 100% Renewable Energy Conference With Giz Touch & Difference

ON 18-20 May 2017, EUROSOLAR Turkey organized the 7th IRENEC 100% Renewable Energy Conference in Istanbul with GIZ being the main sponsor. The main aim of the event was to create awareness on the importance of renewable energy in Turkey. GIZ, with the support of its ‘Promotion of Grid-Connected Renewable Energy in Turkey’ project, made the 18th of May event day a big success. Over 250 people attended the 3 day event. Besides the members of academic institutions and vocational technical high school students, the private sector and associations where present to learn about cutting edge developments in the renewable energy sector.

GIZ organized three sessions. The first session, aimed at identifying financing barriers for renewable energies in Turkey and how to overcome them, was moderated by Mr. Ali Murat Becerikli from the General Directorate of Foreign Relations and EU Affairs (Ministry of Energy) and gave unique insights from the financial sector representatives. The projects 2nd panel addressed the much discussed issue of auctioning design for renewable energies, in which Mr. Toby Couture from the firm E3 Analytics presented a keynote on the aspects of how auctioning for renewable energy should be designed by the relevant institutions. The expert input was crucial since Turkey currently is launching auction schemes for solar and wind energy. The third panel highlighted the economic, environmental and social impacts of renewable energies in Turkey, building upon a cutting-edge study, which the firm Life Energy currently is conducting on behalf of the GIZ to better inform about the positive impacts of renewable energies in Turkey.

GIZ’s sponsorship and the support of the ‘Promotion of Grid-Connected Renewable Energy in Turkey’ project added value and made a great difference for IRENEC 2017. Addressing financing barriers, discussing up-to-date policies such as auctioning and presenting measurable benefits of renewable energy added innovative and crucial topics to the conference. The participation from different stakeholders from public authorities, the private sector and academia underlined the importance which the Turkish society attributes to renewable energy.

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Pictures: Project of Grid-Connected Renewable Energy in Turkey, © GIZ